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VITEEE 2024 Eligibility Criteria: Aspiring to join the elite ranks of engineers? Understanding the VITEEE Eligibility Criteria 2024 is your first step towards achieving this dream.

The VIT Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE) is a gateway for engineering enthusiasts to gain admission to one of the top engineering institutes in India.

This article is tailored to guide you through the essential aspects of the eligibility criteria for VITEEE 2024.

Knowledge of the VITEEE 2024 Eligibility Criteria will be your compass in this journey.

From nationality requirements to subject eligibility, everything that defines your eligibility is covered here.

Not only does this information set the path for you, but it also acts as a warning sign if you fall short of the criteria. Ignoring these essential parameters can be a pitfall in your application process.

So, let’s embark on this enlightening voyage to unfold every detail of the VITEEE Eligibility Criteria 2024.

VITEEE Eligibility Criteria 2024 Highlights

Understanding the VITEEE 2024 Eligibility Criteria is like having a roadmap for your engineering journey. Here are the major highlights that you must be aware of:

  • Nationality: Applicants can be Resident/Non-Resident Indian Nationals, PIO, OCI.
  • Age Limit: Eligibility for applicants born on or after 1st July 2002.
  • Qualifying Examination: Various accepted boards and examinations.
  • Subject Eligibility: Options between PCMB/PCM or PCB combinations.
  • Qualifying Examination Performance: Minimum aggregate required in main subjects.
  • Special Criteria for SC/ST and Certain States: Specific percentage criteria for reserved categories.
  • Direct Application for NRI: Special application forms for NRI candidates.
  • For Foreign Applicants: Separate application process.
  • In Case of VITEEE Cancellation: Alternatives like higher secondary marks or JEE-24 or a valid SAT.
  • Selection of Subjects in Application Form: Requirement to mention the subjects (MPCEA / BPCEA).

Detailed VITEEE 2024 Eligibility Criteria

Navigating through the VITEEE Eligibility Criteria 2024 is essential for every aspirant. This section is devoted to a comprehensive examination of the specific criteria that applicants must fulfill. From age requirements to educational qualifications, we have distilled every nuance to help you gauge your eligibility.


  • Indian Nationals: Applicants can be Resident or Non-Resident Indian Nationals, PIO, OCI.
  • NRI Applicants: Can directly apply under ‘NRI Category’.
  • Foreign Applicants: Those who studied/studying abroad can apply through the International application form.

Age Limit

  • Eligible Age: Applicants born on or after 1st July 2002.
  • Documentation: Original High School / SSC / X Certificate required.

Qualifying Examination

  • Boards and Examinations: Acceptance from various state boards, CBSE, ISCE, Cambridge University, GCE, NIOS, etc.
  • Foreign Qualification: Certificate from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) required if the Class 12 examination is from outside India.

Qualifying Examination Performance

  • General Requirement: 60% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology.
  • Special Requirement: 50% for SC/ST and applicants from certain states like Jammu and Kashmir, Northeastern states, etc.

Subject Eligibility

  • For All B.Tech Programmes: PCMB/PCM applicants must attempt Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Aptitude in VITEEE 2024.
  • For Specific B.Tech Programmes: Options and criteria for B.Tech in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Health Informatics.

In conclusion, understanding the VITEEE Eligibility Criteria 2024 is the first step towards a successful application. From nationality to age requirements, qualifying examination performance to subject eligibility, each aspect is vital. Meeting these criteria guarantees a seamless application process and brings you one step closer to your dream engineering career. Stay informed, adhere to the guidelines, and approach your VITEEE 2024 journey with confidence and preparation.


Applicants born on or after 1st July 2002 are eligible for VITEEE 2024.

Yes, foreign nationals who studied or are studying abroad can apply through the International application form.

Applicants should secure a minimum of 60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology.

Yes, specific subjects are required for courses like Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering, etc.

Alternatives might include higher secondary marks, JEE-24, or a valid SAT.

Yes, NRI applicants can directly apply under the ‘NRI Category.’

Yes, a minimum of 50% is required in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology.

Yes, regular ‘NIOS’ board candidates are also eligible.

The original High School/SSC/X Certificate is needed.

Yes, they have specific concessions and requirements.

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