SRMJEEE Mock Test 2024

SRMJEEE 2024 Mock Test SRMJEEE Mock Test

Get ready for SRMJEEE 2024! The expected Mock Test Dates for UG (Phase I) are 19 Apr 2024 – 20 Apr 2024, while for PG (Phase I) it’s expected to be on 26-May-2024.

SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Exam (SRMJEEE) is one of the key gateways for aspiring engineers to enter the world of technology and innovation.

Organized by SRM Institute of Science and Technology, the SRMJEEE Mock Test 2024 serves as a vital opportunity for candidates to prepare for the main entrance exam.

Are you planning to appear for SRMJEEE 2024? Understanding the pattern, marking scheme, and managing time effectively during the exam are essential skills that a mock test can help you master.

This article is designed to guide you through the entire process of SRMJEEE Mock Test 2024 for both UG and PG programs.

It covers significant aspects like the importance of taking the mock test, dates, and a step-by-step guide on how to take the mock test.

Keep reading to equip yourself with everything you need to know about the SRMJEEE 2024’s Mock Test, a crucial preparatory step towards your engineering future.

SRMJEEE Mock Test 2024 Highlights

SRMJEEE Mock Tests are an indispensable tool for aspirants. It offers a real-time experience of the main exam, aiding you in identifying areas for improvement.

  • Realistic Exam Experience: Mimics the actual SRMJEEE 2024, giving an authentic feel.
  • Performance Analysis: Detailed reports to understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Convenience: Available online, enabling you to take the test from the comfort of home.
  • Access After Slot Booking: Mock tests can be taken immediately after slot booking.
  • No Separate Account Needed: No need to create a separate account for taking the test.
  • Avoid Last-minute Hassles: Recommended to take as scheduled to avoid any last-minute issues.
  • Enhanced Preparation: Ensures you get familiar with the online exam setup.
  • Free of Cost: Accessible to all registered candidates without any additional fee.
  • Adjust to Interface: Helps in getting comfortable with the exam interface.
  • Important for Final Examination: Key to final preparation and gaining confidence.

SRMJEEE Mock Test Dates 2024

Timing your practice right is essential for success in SRMJEEE 2024. Here’s a glimpse at the Mock Test dates that can help you plan your preparation.


EventPhase IPhase IIPhase III
Mock Test19 Apr 2024 – 20 Apr 2024*09-Jun-2024*30-June-2024*
(* refers to expected dates)


EventPhase IPhase IIPhase III
Mock Test26-May-2024*01-Jul-2024*11-Aug-2024*
(* refers to expected dates)

Candidates can take the mock test just after the slot booking. There is no need to create a separate account to take the mock test; once you finish the slot booking for SRMJEEE 2024 exam, then the option for mock test will be unlocked on the prescribed date.

How to Take Mock Test – Step by Step Guide

Taking the Mock Test for SRMJEEE 2024 is a straightforward process, designed to give you a seamless experience. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started.

  • Step 1 – Complete Slot Booking: Once you book your slot for SRMJEEE 2024, you’ll gain access to the mock test.
  • Step 2 – Visit Official Website: Log in to your account on the official SRMJEEE website.
  • Step 3 – Find the Mock Test Link: Navigate to the dedicated link for SRMJEEE 2024’s Mock Test.
  • Step 4 – Start the Mock Test: Click on the link to start the test; no separate account is needed.
  • Step 5 – Follow the Instructions: Read and follow the on-screen instructions carefully.
  • Step 6 – Complete the Test: Answer the questions within the allotted time.
  • Step 7 – Review Your Performance: After completion, you can review your performance and understand areas for improvement.

In conclusion, SRMJEEE 2024 Mock Test is a powerful tool for aspiring engineers looking to study at SRM University. It provides a simulated test experience, allowing candidates to assess their preparation and adapt their study strategies. With convenient online access and no need for a separate account, it is both user-friendly and essential for success in SRMJEEE 2024.


After completing slot booking, on the prescribed dates.

No, your SRMJEEE login details are sufficient.

While not compulsory, it is highly recommended.

No, it’s available free for registered candidates.

You will receive a detailed analysis post-completion.

It’s available online, and you can take it from home.

It depends on the phases and availability.

Try to take it as scheduled to avoid disturbances.

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