SRMJEEE Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme 2024

SRMJEEE Exam Pattern SRMJEEE Exam Pattern

SRMJEEE Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme 2024: Taking the SRMJEEE is a significant milestone for students aspiring to pursue engineering. The SRMJEEE 2024 exam is around the corner, and understanding SRMJEEE 2024 Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme is pivotal to success.

By focusing on the exam pattern, students can develop an effective study plan that resonates with their strengths and weaknesses.

Exam Pattern for SRMJEEE 2024 provides insights into the structure, subjects, and types of questions expected. Alongside, the SRMJEEE Marking Scheme 2024 offers clarity on how marks are allocated.

This article is a guide to the Exam Pattern of SRMJEEE 2024, breaking down the elements that constitute the paper. From the importance of understanding the SRMJEEE 2024 Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme to the detailed structure for both UG and PG, this comprehensive guide covers all.

Why is understanding SRMJEEE 2024’s Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme crucial? It helps in time management, creates awareness of areas requiring more focus, and gives an overall picture of what to expect in the examination hall.

Whether you’re a first-time aspirant or re-attempting the exam, this guide on Marking Scheme for SRMJEEE 2024, coupled with the pattern, will provide the much-needed clarity to fuel your preparation.

Stay with us as we embark on this informative journey to unravel the SRMJEEE Exam Pattern 2024, making your path to success smoother and more confident.

SRMJEEE Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme 2024 Highlights

SRMJEEE 2024’s Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme provide a clear roadmap for students preparing for their engineering exams. Here’s a quick glance at what to expect:

  • SRMJEEE UG includes subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology.
  • The UG pattern comprises 125 questions with no negative marking.
  • SRMJEEE PG questions are of scholastic aptitude type.
  • The PG pattern consists of 100 questions in 150 minutes.
  • PG pattern includes 10 Mathematics questions for all except certain streams.
  • Understanding the Exam Pattern of SRMJEEE 2024 is essential for targeted preparation.
  • The marking scheme allows students to attempt all questions without fear of losing marks.
  • Time management is key, with a tight schedule for both UG and PG exams.
  • Specific subject focus and pattern recognition can enhance performance.
  • SRMJEEE 2024’s Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme can guide study strategies effectively.

SRMJEEE 2024 Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme – UG

The Exam Pattern for SRMJEEE 2024 for undergraduate engineering aspirants is a well-laid-out roadmap to success. Below is the detailed information:

No. of Questions: There will be a total of 125 questions distributed across various subjects.

Physics35 questions
Chemistry35 questions
Mathematics/Biology40 questions (choice between the two)
Aptitude10 questions
English5 questions
Total Marks125
Total Duration2.30 Hours

Marking Scheme

The best part of the marking scheme is that there is no negative marking. Therefore, candidates can attempt all questions without the fear of losing marks.

  • Subject Focus: Equal emphasis on Physics and Chemistry, with a choice between Mathematics and Biology depending on the stream.
  • Aptitude & English: These sections test the general intelligence and language proficiency of the candidates.
  • No Negative Marking: Encourages students to attempt every question and maximize their score.
  • Time Management: With 2.30 hours for 125 questions, time management becomes crucial.
  • Stream Selection: The option between Mathematics and Biology allows candidates to choose their preferred engineering stream.
  • Preparation Strategy: Understanding the Exam Pattern of SRMJEEE 2024 for UG helps in creating an effective study plan.

The SRMJEEE 2024 Exam Pattern for UG is designed to assess a candidate’s aptitude in various subjects that are fundamental to engineering studies. By understanding the pattern in depth, candidates can streamline their preparation and approach the exam with confidence.

SRMJEEE 2024 Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme – PG

The SRMJEEE 2024’s Exam Pattern for postgraduate engineering programs is designed to evaluate candidates at their corresponding degree level. Here’s an extensive breakdown of the pattern:

Questions TypeThe questions are scholastic aptitude type, assessing the in-depth understanding of the subjects.
Total Questions100 questions are to be solved.
Duration150 minutes to complete the paper.
Marks Per QuestionEach correct answer will fetch 1 mark.
Negative MarkingThere is no negative marking for wrong answers, promoting an attempt at all questions.
Mathematics QuestionsTen Questions from Mathematics for all PG programs except Biotechnology and Food Processing.

The SRMJEEE 2024 Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme for PG is structured to gauge the readiness and expertise of the candidates for advanced engineering studies. It guides them to prepare adequately and align their studies with the exam requirements.

In conclusion, the exam pattern for SRMJEEE 2024 is a well-structured approach to assessing candidates for both undergraduate and postgraduate engineering courses. With a precise breakdown of subjects, clear marking scheme, and a focus on scholastic aptitude, SRMJEEE 2024’s Exam Pattern ensures a fair evaluation of aspiring engineers. Understanding the SRMJEEE Marking Scheme 2024 and the pattern is paramount to strategize the preparation and achieve success in the examination.


The total duration for the UG exam is 2.30 hours.

No, there is no negative marking for wrong answers.

There are 100 questions in the PG exam.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, Aptitude, and English.

Yes, candidates can choose between Mathematics and Biology.

Specializations include Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, and more.

Each correct answer carries 1 mark, and there’s no negative marking.

Mathematics is included for all PG programs except Biotechnology and Food Processing.

Understand the pattern, follow the syllabus, practice regularly, and take mock tests.

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