SRMJEEE Answer Key 2024

SRMJEEE 2024 Answer Key SRMJEEE Answer Key

The unofficial SRMJEEE Answer Key 2024 is expected to be published on the day of the exam by various coaching institutes. Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the answer key checking process.

SRMJEEE Answer Key 2024 is a significant aspect of the post-examination process for all the aspiring engineers targeting the SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Exam 2024.

Though SRM University won’t publish any official answer key, many renowned coaching institutes will release unofficial answer keys on the same day of the examination.

These keys are a valuable resource to help students calculate an estimated score and get an idea of their performance. This article will guide you through how to download the question paper, the Answer Key publish date, How to Check SRMJEEE Answer Key 2024, and how it can help students estimate their scores.

We’ll also delve into the SRMJEEE marking scheme and the procedure to raise objections in the answer key. Get ready to embark on a step-by-step guide with a friendly tone that will keep you engaged.

SRMJEEE Answer Key 2024 Highlights

SRMJEEE 2024 Answer Key is an essential tool that aids in assessing your performance in the examination. Here’s a quick glimpse of the highlights:

  • Unofficial Answer Keys released by coaching institutes
  • Availability: On the day of the exam, usually in the evening
  • Helps in calculating estimated scores
  • Raises awareness about correct and incorrect responses
  • Provides transparency in the examination process
  • Enables objections if discrepancies found
  • Complements the SRMJEEE marking scheme
  • No official Answer Key published by SRM University
  • Accessible online, often discussed on YouTube channels of coaching institutes
  • Free of charge and open to all SRMJEEE 2024 aspirants

Download SRMJEEE Question Paper & Unofficial Answer Key

Many coaching institutes actively engage in publishing SRMJEEE Question Paper & Unofficial Answer Key. These institutes help candidates by providing a solution:

  • Availability: Unofficial answer key & question paper are mostly discussed on the YouTube channels of coaching institutes.
  • Release Time: Unofficial answer key is usually available in the evening of the day of the exam.

In addition to YouTube, some platforms may host these documents for easy download. It’s a vital resource for those eager to understand how they performed in the exam.

How to Calculate Estimated Score Using SRMJEEE Answer Key

Understanding your estimated score in SRMJEEE 2024 is just a few steps away. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Collect Answer Key: Gather the unofficial answer key published by reputable coaching institutes.
  • Compare Answers: Match your answers with those provided in the unofficial key.
  • Use Marking Scheme: Apply the SRMJEEE marking scheme to calculate your score.
  • Estimate Your Score: Add and subtract marks according to correct and incorrect answers respectively.

SRMJEEE marking scheme is as follows:

  • Correct Answer: +3 marks
  • Incorrect Answer: -1 mark
  • No Negative Marking for Unattempted Questions

These guidelines will help you arrive at an estimated score, providing insights into your performance.

In conclusion, SRMJEEE Answer Key 2024 is a vital tool for aspirants seeking to evaluate their performance in the examination. Although no official answer key is published by SRM University, several coaching institutes release unofficial answer keys. These keys, coupled with the SRMJEEE marking scheme, allow candidates to calculate their estimated scores and even raise objections if necessary.


It’s usually available on the day of the exam by various coaching institutes.

Yes, objections can be raised directly with the coaching institute that published the answer key.

By comparing your answers with the unofficial answer key and applying the SRMJEEE marking scheme.

No, SRM University does not publish an official answer key.

Unofficial answer keys are mostly discussed on the YouTube channels of coaching institutes.

This depends on the coaching institute’s policy.

While efforts are made to ensure accuracy, candidates should use it as a guide rather than a final verdict.

Yes, correct answers earn +3 marks, incorrect answers -1 mark, and no negative marking for unattempted questions.

Absolutely, analyzing the answer key can provide insights into the exam pattern and areas of improvement.

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