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PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Counselling

PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing Counselling PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing Counselling

PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Counselling will commence on 21st August 2023. The official website for PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 counselling is

The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) conducts the B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Counselling, which is a pivotal phase for aspirants seeking admission to the prestigious B.Sc. Nursing program.

Counselling serves as a crucial bridge between the entrance examination and securing a seat in this esteemed institution. During this process, candidates’ dreams of pursuing a nursing career take a significant step towards realization.

PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Counselling marks a defining moment for candidates who have performed admirably in the entrance test, as it determines the course of their academic journey. Through this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricate details of the counselling procedure, offering aspiring nurses a clear understanding of what lies ahead in their pursuit of excellence.

In this article, we shall explore the meticulous process of document verification, the criteria used for selection, the intricacies of the merit lists, and the categories that determine seat allocation. Furthermore, we will unravel the significance of medical examination, the admission process, and the essential dates that shape the journey of these dedicated candidates.

PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing Counselling Highlights

  • Counselling for B.Sc. Nursing 4 years will start on 21st August 2023, while B.Sc. Nursing Post Basic counselling will begin on 22nd August 2023.
  • Candidates must appear for document verification on the specified date and time before the counselling.
  • Only original documents will be accepted; digilocker documents will not be considered valid.
  • The counselling will be conducted at PGIMER, Chandigarh, and candidates will be called based on their merit ranks.
  • The number of candidates invited for counselling will be three times the total number of seats available in each category.
  • Candidates must attend counselling and document verification in person.
  • Admission to B.Sc. Nursing courses will close on 30th September 2023.

Important Dates for PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Counselling

Document Verification21st August 2023
Counselling23rd August 2023 at 11:00 AM

PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Merit List and Categories

  • Merit list preparation: The merit list for PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Counselling is based on the marks obtained by candidates in the online entrance examination.
  • Categorization: Candidates are divided into specific categories, including General, Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Communities (OBC), and Persons with Benchmark Disability (PwBD).
  • Non-interchangeable seats: Seats allocated to different categories are not interchangeable, meaning candidates from one category cannot claim a seat reserved for another category.
  • Exception for PwBD candidates: PwBD candidates, however, have the flexibility to occupy seats reserved for their own category, such as General, SC, ST, or OBC, based on their merit ranking.

PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Criteria for Selection

  • Order of merit: The selection process for PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Counselling strictly adheres to the order of merit in the respective merit lists of the entrance test.
  • Overall rank: Candidates’ overall rank is determined based on their percentile scores, where a higher percentile translates to a better rank.
  • Overall merit list: An overall merit list is prepared, taking into account the percentiles obtained in the theory examination, irrespective of the candidate’s category.
  • Percentile criteria: Candidates qualifying for admission are determined based on specific percentiles – General category (50th percentile) and SC/ST/OBC & PwBD (45th percentile).
  • Director’s decision: The final decision regarding the selection of candidates rests with the Director of PGIMER, Chandigarh, and his decision is considered conclusive.

PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Document Verification & Counselling

  • Document Verification: Candidates invited for counselling must undergo document verification to verify their academic qualifications and other details.
  • Counselling Venue: The counselling process takes place at PGIMER, Chandigarh, to ensure transparency and fairness.
  • Order of Merit: Candidates are invited for counselling strictly in order of merit, based on their marks obtained in the entrance examination.
  • Number of Invitations: Three times the total number of seats to be filled in each category are invited for document verification and interview.
  • In-person Attendance: It is compulsory for candidates to attend the document verification and interview in person.

Admission and Joining

  • Fee Payment: Selected candidates must pay the required fees promptly to secure their admission. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of their selection, and the seat will be offered to candidates on the waiting list based on their merit.
  • Admission Deadline: The admission process for PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 will conclude on 30th September 2023. It is essential for candidates to complete the admission formalities before this date to secure their seats.
  • Relieving Certificate: Candidates joining the B.Sc. Nursing (Post-Basic) course as in-service candidates must provide a relieving certificate from their employer. This certificate confirms their release from current duties to pursue the nursing program.
  • No Extension in Joining: There will be no provision for extending the joining date. Selected candidates must join on the date(s) intimated to them at the time of selection or as communicated in the admission letter.
  • Cancellation of Selection: If candidates fail to join by the stipulated date, their selection will automatically stand canceled. The Institute will not entertain any requests for extension in joining.

PGIMER B.Sc. Nursing 2023 Fees and Hostel Charges

  • Tuition Fee: The fee for both B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) and B.Sc. Nursing (4 Years) programs includes a tuition fee of Rs. 250/-. This fee is payable annually.
  • Library Fee: A library fee of Rs. 40/- is charged for B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) and Rs. 30/- for B.Sc. Nursing (4 Years). This fee covers access to library resources and services.
  • Laboratory Fee: Candidates are required to pay a laboratory fee of Rs. 120/- for both B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) and B.Sc. Nursing (4 Years). This fee is for the usage and maintenance of laboratory facilities.
  • Games Fee: An additional games fee of Rs. 20/- for B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) and Rs. 15/- for B.Sc. Nursing (4 Years) is applicable. This fee supports sports and recreational activities for the students.
  • Amalgamated Fund: The amalgamated fund fee is Rs. 120/- for both B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) and B.Sc. Nursing (4 Years). This fund is utilized for various administrative and welfare purposes.
  • Migration Fee: Candidates seeking migration to PGIMER, Chandigarh, are required to pay a migration fee of Rs. 100/-. This fee is applicable to both B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) and B.Sc. Nursing (4 Years).
  • Registration Fee: A registration fee of Rs. 200/- is payable at the time of admission to both B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) and B.Sc. Nursing (4 Years) programs.
  • Security/Caution Money: A security deposit of Rs. 5000/- is required for both B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) and B.Sc. Nursing (4 Years). This deposit is refundable, subject to the completion of the course and vacation of the hostel, after deduction of any outstanding dues.

Hostel Charges:

  • Hostel Security: Students availing hostel facilities must pay a security deposit of Rs. 1,500/-. This amount is refundable without interest, and it serves as a guarantee for the proper usage of hostel premises.
  • Hostel Fund: A non-refundable hostel fund of Rs. 2,000/- is payable once on admission to the hostel. This fund is utilized for the maintenance and welfare of the hostel.
  • Room Rent: The annual room rent for the hostel varies based on the type of occupancy. For single occupancy, the charge is Rs. 2400/- per room, and for sharing occupancy, it is Rs. 1200/- per head.
  • Electricity Charges: Students using electricity for lights, iron, geyser in bathrooms, and electricity for common areas must pay an annual charge of Rs. 500/- per head.
  • Electricity Charges for Desert Cooler: The fixed charge for using a desert cooler for the summer season is Rs. 500/- for single occupancy and Rs. 250/- for sharing occupancy.

Late Fee and Penalty:

  • Late Fee: Students who fail to pay the course fee within 30 days from the scheduled date will be charged a late fee of Rs. 10/- per day. The late fee is applicable to students already undergoing courses at PGIMER.
  • Penalty for Discontinuation: Candidates who discontinue the course after the last counseling will be subject to a penalty of Rs. 25,000/-. This penalty aims to ensure serious commitment to the nursing program.


The merit list is prepared based on the marks obtained in the online entrance examination.

The merit list includes candidates from General, SC, ST, OBC, and PwBD categories.

PwBD candidates will consume the seat of their own category but not from other categories.

The selection is strictly in order of merit in the respective merit lists of the entrance test.

The overall rank is decided based on percentile scores, with higher percentiles resulting in better ranks.

General category: 50th percentile
SC/ST/OBC & PwBD: 45th percentile

The Director of PGIMER, Chandigarh, has the final decision in the matter of selection.

Inter-se-merit is based on attempts in the qualifying exam, marks obtained, and age.

Candidates are required to undergo document verification to validate their academic qualifications and details.

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